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PGA Golf Fantasy Pool

Welcome to the newest fantasy league in Rokhed, PGA Tour Golf. The league is still in its infancy, and has very few adjustable settings from Yahoo, but fun none the less.

The league involves drafting players from three different tiers, based on money winnings, and then those players you pick that week compete against other GM's players that they pick the same week. Everyone could pick the same players every tourney if they want, but you can only start any one PGA player 10 times over the 36 week season.

Your fantasy team earns points based on strokes behind the leader, and of course you get bonus points for one of your players having the best score in a round, and of course for winning a tournament.

Everyone in the league will be basically rookie GM's, as not many guys have played fantasy golf before. It is alot of fun, so sign up now and lets try to get a tonne of teams in this.

Lets see if you actually know golf, or if you just SAY you enjoy golf to get away from your wife or girlfriend. :)

Contact the commish at for a team this season.

  Brett G. Johnson
  Rokhed Commissioner



Rokhed PGA Tour Pool - Current GM's:

1 - Brett Johnson - Speith Softly carry a big stick
2 - Wayne Ho - Cyclones
3 - Joel Polzen - Whac Fuc
4 - Mike Lam - Fishburger
5 - Aja Coe - Indian Ocean
6 - Jordan Coldham - Drawshank Redemption
7 - Mike Laube - Frenzy Ford
8 - Jamie Ha - Hadaddy
9 - Marg Stevenson - Back to the Kutcher
10 - Steve Matovich - Steveco2fer
11 - Boston Wong - Phenomenal One
12 - Shane Rourke - Lost Balls

Rokhed PGA Pool - Waiting List GM's:

1 - Jason James
2 -
3 -

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